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Lascaux II

Distance from La Barde: 40 minutes

Lascaux II, a facsimile as authentic as the original !

Discovered in 1940 by 4 adolescents of the Perigord, the Lascaux cave has opened to the public after World war unit 1963. Unfortunately, the visitors wave began to damage prehistoric paintings, that decided the owners of this site, ranked as UNESCO World Heritage, to close it definitively.

Today, you have the possibility to visit a facsimile, 200 meters from there : Lascaux II. Even if it’s not the original cave, the most beautiful and interesting drawings have been represented. After all, what’s important is to discover prehistoric world and Lascaux II is a very good representation. With better light and visit time that’s not limited, visitors have more facilities to perceive and understand the signification of these drawings by their ancestors, ten or so thousand years ago.

Lascaux II is open all the year (not in January). You will find all the prices information here.

Good to know : from April to September, the ticket office is in the center of Montignac and not at the entry of the cave. It’s not possible to book your ticket on Internet. From 7th July to 20th August, there are 2 counters at the ticket office of Montignac ; to buy a ticket for a visit during the day, go to the number 1 counter, to buy a ticket for a visit during the week, go to the number 2 counter. End of the week is always quieter (from Thursday to Saturday) ; Sunday, Monday and rough weather days are the most frequented.


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