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Distance from La Barde: 40 minutes

Lascaux, a facsimile as authentic as the original !

Located less than a kilometer away, Lascaux IV has been open to the public since 2017. It is a reproduction to the millimeter near the original. We can see the hole through which Marcel Ravidat accidentally entered in 1940, as well as the 2,000 drawings left by Cro-Magnon men over 18,000 years ago. The visit to Lascaux IV lasts about 40 minutes.

It is skilfully orchestrated: it all starts on the roof of the building. After taking the elevator with a guide, we descend to artificial depths. A dark room, to get used to the darkness, then it’s the big jump, we enter the facsimile. Finally the 2 caves complement each other perfectly.

Fun and digital, Lascaux IV is interesting for its complementary activities. We walk around with a tablet. https://www.lascaux.fr/en


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