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Distance from La Barde: 1 heure 15

Padirac cave, exceptional geological site !

Padirac is an exceptional site, famous from the end of 19th Century thanks to the explorer “Edouard-Alfred Martel”. With the help of torches, first visitors had the opportunity to discover this spectacular place from 1898. 120 years ago, the cave welcomed 4000 visitors; today it welcomes 100 times as much. Nowadays, its the most famous abyss in Europe and it’s considered as one of the biggest geological interests in France.

After a breathtakingly fast descent of 103 meters deep, by stairs or lift, you will enjoy a shift trip on the translucent water of the abyss. After that, you will discover the most incredible elements of Padirac of which the “Grand Dôme” space that rises to 94 meters height.

The site is open from March and there are only guided tours. You will find all the prices information here.

We visited it for you !

The Padirac abyss is an incredible and majestic site ! Visit it and you will come back amazed ! The descent with the lift and the small boat ride are as much magic moments that peak during the visit of the “Salle du Grand Dôme” in which the light play on its walls highlight this natural site beauty.


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