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Distance from La Barde: 40 minutes

Sauveboeuf, go meeting the different personalities who left their mark on this edifice

Located on the verge of Vezere river, Sauveboeuf is a magnificent edifice from the 17th Century. The visit of this castle is a bit surprising because you go meeting the life of its owners, and by themselves, of its history.

Here, only a few period furnitures decorate the different rooms but what surprises us very positively, are the impressive collections of M. Douce, the actual owner of the Château. The latter keeps you a last treasure, hidden in the basement; a Prehistory museum which is one of the biggest Prehistory private collection of the World.

The Château is open to the visit only since 2013 and you can discover it alone or with a guide; we advise you the guided tour to understand its history but also the choice of its restoration by the actual owner. Concerning the museum, the visit is exclusively private.

We visited it for you !

We visited the Château a day when a wedding was organized there. This event gave a more elegant style to this superb edifice and made us want to discover more about it. We were pleasantly surprised by this new discovering and we look forward to visit the Prehistory museum of M. Douce.


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